'I Will Light You Up!' Watch Trooper Threaten Sandra Bland with Taser During Traffic Stop

Dash cam footage has revealed the tense moment Sandra Bland was pulled over and arrested by a state trooper.

Dash cam footage has revealed the moment Sandra Bland was pulled over and arrested by a state trooper - just three days before she was found dead in her cell.

The video, shared by the Texas Department of Public Safety, shows a trooper threatening her with a Taser before her arrest, Texas lawmakers said.

It was released on Tuesday, a week after the 28-year-old was found hanged. Her death was ruled a suicide but authorities this week said it is being investigated as if it was a murder.

The footage from July 10 shows her being pulled over by DPS Trooper Brian Encinia for failing to signal - and it seems as if he'll let her off before things suddenly escalate.

After she failed to put out her cigarette, as ordered, the trooper tells her: "I am going to yank you out of here."

He later draws his Taser and adds: "Get out of the car! I will light you up!"

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The trooper handcuffed her on the ground after he said she continued to argue with him. The moment is not caught by dash cam.

She was found dead three days later. Her family called for an investigation, saying she would never have killed herself.

On Tuesday, Texas lawmakers agreed that she was "threatened" with a Taser during the stop and believe she should not have been arrested.

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"Once you see what occurred, you will probably agree with me that she shouldn't have been taken into custody," state Senator Royce West said at a news conference.

The FBI and the Department of Justice have also been asked to help with the investigation.

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