Fierce 11-Year-Old and BFF Channel Beyonce with Their Dance Moves

Two internet celebs known as 'fraternal twins' are blowing viewers away with their impressive dance to Beyonce's 'Run the World.'

Taylor Hatala may only be 11 and her best friend Larsen Thompson is just 14, but they've already become internet celebrities thanks to their impressive dance moves.

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The duo, who call themselves “fraternal twins”, have now shared their latest mind-blowing routine, which is performed to Beyoncé’s “Run the World”.

Janelle Ginestra created the concept and choreography, while Tim Milgram directed, filmed and edited the video.

Tim tells INSIDE EDITION that the girls only needed one rehearsal for this shoot and they recorded the video in just six hours.

This is the third video in the “Fraternal Twins” series.

The girls created the first dance video for fun and after they saw the results they decided to continue. Taylor also just became one of Janet Jackson’s back up dancers for her upcoming world tour.

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These girls an incredibly talented dancers and we can't wait to see their next video!

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