Donald Trump's Phone Number Published After Revealing Lindsey Graham's

After Donald Trump give out Senator Lindsey Graham's cell phone number, 'New York Daily News' gave out Trump's number.

Donald Trump has a new target in his sights: Senator Lindsey Graham.

Earlier this week, Graham slammed Trump on CBS This Morning, saying: “Run for president - just stop being a jackass!”

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In response, during a campaign stop in Graham's home state of South Carolina on Tuesday, Trump gave out the senator's cell phone number.

Within moments, Graham's voicemail was full.

On Wednesday morning, the New York Daily News trumped the presidential candidate's move and printed Donald Trump's phone number.

But on Wednesday morning's Fox and Friends, Trump was unapologetic and said: "I don't regret giving out the phone number.”

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Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio also joked about his competitor on Wednesday’s Fox and Friends.

“We already have a president who has no class. We don't need another one," he said.

Trump did get some support - at least from his own three children. They told People magazine, "Our father is a true visionary and a great mentor."

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