Student Chorus Brings Teacher to Tears After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

The P.S. 22 chorus of Staten Island made one teacher cry after they performed a touching song to support her after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

A group of fifth-grade students have brought one of their favorite teachers to tears by surprising her with a special song after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The students at P.S. 22 on Staten Island in New York serenaded teacher Adriana Lopez with Martina McBride’s 'I’m Gonna Love You Through It' as they each held a pink carnation.

Listening to their flawless rendition, Mrs. Lopez broke down in tears - and the touching moment was caught on camera.

"Thank you for this special moment," she told them through tears. "It's not easy - it's not easy but I will get through it because I have amazing friends."

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Chorus director Gregg Breinberg told INSIDE EDITION that the beloved teacher, who is only in her first year teaching at the school, is halfway through chemo and will soon be starting radiation.

He explained that the another member of staff, Lisa Kochman, wanted to teach the students the importance of giving back so set up the idea for the video.

The song was a clear choice, he added.

"The lyrics of the song speak for themselves," he said. "Martina McBride's song has become something of an anthem for the fight against breast cancer. It's beautiful, it's powerful, and it's inspiring - all these descriptions apply to this phenomenal teacher and human being."

He called Mrs. Lopez "an inspiration".

"She is the most dedicated teacher I have ever met, bringing herself to work to give everything she has to her students, even as her body was rebelling against her," he said.

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"The kids AND the her colleagues thoroughly adore her. She is usually the first one in the building and the last one to leave, making sure her kids are getting the best possible education."

He said she was overwhelmed with the show of support from her students.

"She was blown away from their very first notes, and the chorus took her breath away," he said. "She told the kids it was a moment that she'll never forget, and that certainly goes for us as well."

The P.S. 22 chorus members are extremely talented and often sing amazing cover songs and in 2011 performed “Over the Rainbow” at the Oscars.

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