Woman Reveals Incredible New Look After Losing More Than 100 Pounds

A 28-year-old woman who used to eat 4,000 calories a day has lost 106 pounds after cutting her food intake by half.

It is hard to believe this is how much 28-year-old Sharda Smith-Stevens used to eat. She used to tip the scales at 245 pounds.

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“I was the junk food queen. Fast foods were my personal chef. I never cooked at home. I would get up in the middle of the night and eat,” she told INSIDE EDITION.

Now the Las Vegas native has lost a whopping 106 pounds and she's showing off her new look in People magazine out Friday.

She used to reduced her calorie intake of 4,000 to less than half of that,

Stephanie Emma Pfeffer, staff editor at People told INSIDE EDITION: "Readers are so interested in how ordinary people not celebrities lose weight and keep it off." 

Sharday was afraid she would end up like her mom who died of hypertension at 48. So, she decided to change her eating habits.

She showed INSIDE EDITION what she used to eat for breakfast – it consisted of hash browns, pizza, two crunch tacos for dessert.

For lunch she ate a Taco Bell Mexican pizza with extra sour cream, two taco supreme, caramel empanada, and diet soda.

For dinner she used to chow down on fried chicken and another fast food meal.

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Today, she said she eats: “Apples and almonds for lunch.” She also has tuna and veggies and protein shakes. 

She's keeping herself fit and happy, eating right and working out six days a week.

“I am a little fanatical right now about my healthier lifestyle. The biggest part of my journey now is helping others,” she said.

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