3 Generations of Families Define Fun, Kids' Answers Will Break Your Heart

Nature Valley asked 3 generations what they do for fun as a kid and the youth of today had some surprising answers.

Nature Valley has created an eye-opening video by asking three generations of people in different families one very simple question: What did you like to do for fun as a kid?

And while the older generations speak about playing outside and creating their own games, their youngest relatives open up about very different pastimes.

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“I would die if I didn’t have my tablet," one child says.

All of the children in the video laud the importance of their tablets and video games - to the shock of the older generations.

Another child adds: “When I am really upset, I play video games and I feel normal. It is really wonderful."

The parents and grandparents watched the children’s responses were stunned.

One parent said: “It is really sad because I feel like he is really missing out on what is out there in the beautiful world.”

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Nature Valley Canada believes childhood belongs in nature and their new campaign, Rediscover Nature, is encouraging others to pass the joy of nature to the next generation

The slogan for the campaign is: “Nature has always been a part of childhood. Let’s make sure it doesn’t stop with us.”

Here's hoping the next generation enjoys the great outdoors as much as their predecessors.

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