Jail Guard Fired After Playboy Spread Is Published

A young woman was fired from her job as a prison guard after her Playboy spread hit newsstands. INSIDE EDITION sits down for a candid interview with the former guard.

You may be surprised to hear what sexy 21-year-old Jessie Lunderby did for a living. No, she wasn't a model. She made her living as a guard in a jail.

"I enjoyed my job there. We basically babysit the prisoners and make sure they're okay," said Luderby.

Lunderby worked in a county jail in Arkansas, watching over both female and male prisoners. But she was fired over some steamy Playboy photos.

"I feel kind of betrayed. They stabbed me in the back pretty much," said Lunderby.

Lunderby posed nude for Playboy back in June and was even named "Cyber Girl of the Week."

"I was jumping up and down in my living room screaming, 'Yay! I'm going to be in Playboy'," remarked Lunderby.

Lunderby said she told her bosses about the nude pictorial before it came out and they were okay with it, so she doesn't understand why she was forced to hang up her handcuffs.

"I talked to my supervisors about it. They all said, 'That's fine, whatever,' no one expressed there would be a problem," said Lunderby.

But the Washington County Sheriff's Department sent INSIDE EDITION Lunderby's termination letter, stating her photos, "Caused disruption and distraction for the command staff.  It has affected public perception of the Sheriff's office."

Now Lunderby thinks her future may be in modeling rather than keeping her eye on dangerous criminals.

"I still miss the jail, but modeling is wonderful," said Luderby.