Who Is Louisiana Movie Theater Shooter John Russel Houser?

Police are trying to learn as much as they can about Louisiana movie theater gunman John Russel Houser.

The gunman who opened fire in a Louisiana movie theater on Thursday night has been identified as John Russel Houser.

The 59-year-old, from Phenix City, Alabama, is a drifter. On his LinkedIn profile he calls himself an entrepreneur, a real estate developer and says he once owned bars.

Police say he had a criminal history from 10 to 15 years ago, including arson, selling alcohol to a minor and speeding.

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Cops searched a Motel 6 room where Houser had been staying in Lafayette. He is believed to have been largely estranged from his family and had few connections in the area.

Officials found his car nearby the shooting scene and began searching the motel where he stayed. Wigs and other items used for "disguises" were found in the room, although he did not wear a disguise during the shooting.

Witnesses reported that he was silent as he opened fire and that he appeared to shoot at random.

They continue to investigate why he carried out the shooting.

Mayci Breaux, 21, died at the scene while Jillian Johnson, 33, died later at the hospital were killed when Houser opened fire, spraying the theater with at least 13 shots.

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The shooting took place in a multiplex which has 16 theaters, Houser opened fire in a theater showing Amy Schumer’s hit movie, Trainwreck. Nine other people were wounded.

He tried to lose himself in the crowd of fleeing moviegoers but then killed himself after seeing police.

Two teachers are being hailed as heroes. Jenna Meaux shielded her friend Ali Martin with her body. Ali was hit in the leg, but even wounded she pulled the fire alarm, and is credited with potentially saving scores of lives.

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