Autopsy Confirms Sandra Bland's Death Was A Suicide

Authorities have concluded that Sandra Bland's death in a jail cell was in fact a suicide by hanging.

A preliminary autopsy reported has confirmed that Sandra Blannd took her own life.

The 28-year-old was found hanging in her cell on July 13, but her family had expressed doubts that she would kill herself.

On Thursday, Assistant District Attorney Warren Diepraam pointed out cut marks to her wrist that could indicate another suicide attempt.

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“There were approximately 30 cut marks on her left wrist which were also in a state of healing," he explained during a press conference.

"These roughly 30 cut marks were both in a state of scarring and scabbing indicating that they have been placed on her body roughly two to four weeks prior to her incarcerations.”

He added: “There were no bite marks or other injuries on her face on her lips on her tongue which would be consistent with a violent struggle."

Authorities also confirmed that Bland had drugs in her system at the time of her death

“There have been some instances or claims about a substantial amount of marijuana found in her system. I can tell you there has been a confirmation of those results,” said Diepraam.

Bland was arrested following a confrontation with a trooper during a July 10 routine traffic stop. When she couldn’t post the $5,000 bail, she was placed in this jail cell as she scraped the money together.

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A fellow inmate in a nearby cell said Bland wasn’t eating and was in tears during her three days in custody. She said Bland was also worried about missing the first day of work at her new job.

Bland's family has serious doubts that bland committed suicide using plastic garbage bag and are awaiting results of a second independent autopsy. Her funeral is scheduled for Saturday.

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