Hulk Hogan Dropped By WWE Over Racist Rant: 'I Am Disappointed In Myself'

Hulk Hogan has said he is 'disappointed' in himself after he unleashed a racist tirade about his daughter's boyfriend.

A stunning shakeup for wrestling icon Hulk Hogan -- the WWE superstar was fired after a leaked transcript of a sex tape in which Hogan uses the “N” word because his daughter, Brooke, was supposedly dating a black man.

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The wrestler, beloved by famous fans like Arnold Schwarzenegger, is now speaking out about his fall from grace, saying: "Eight years ago I used offensive language during a conversation. It was unacceptable for me to have used that offensive language; there is no excuse for it."

He goes on to apologize: “I am disappointed with myself that I used language that is offensive and inconsistent with my own beliefs.”

WWE told INSIDE EDITION: "WWE terminated its contract with Terry Bollea (aka Hulk Hogan). WWE is committed to embracing and celebrating individuals from all backgrounds..."

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His image has been scrubbed from the WWE’s website. He was also removed from the online Hall of Fame.

INSIDE EDITION spoke to his lawyer, David Houston. He said: "He is the first one to admit there are consequences for utilization of toxic speech. It is not who he is."

Hulk also tweeted:

In the storm I release control,God and his Universe will sail me where he wants me to be,one love. HH

July 24, 2015

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