Could A Movie About Lava-Breathing Spiders Be The New 'Sharknado?'

Steve Guttenberg stopped by INSIDE EDITION to talk about his new Syfy film, "Lavalantula.'

Could a TV movie about lava breathing tarantulas attacking Los Angeles be the next Sharknado?

Lavalantula airs Saturday on Syfy and the network hopes it becomes the newest cheesy cult hit. The creepy crawly film stars actor Steve Guttenberg.

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Guttenberg was actually offered a part in the wildly popular Sharknado and turned it down, a move he now regrets.

“I said, ‘This isn't going to work.’ I was right they're on part three,” he said.

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INSIDE EDITION’s Steven Fabian asked: “This is following on the heels of Sharnado, do you think it will be a big hit?”

“I hope so. The movie turned out well,” Guttenberg.

In his new film Guttenberg gets to work with some of his former Police Academy costars and says expect a lot of fun from the film.

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