See What Happened to This Guy After He Ate Chipotle Every Day For Almost 6 Months

Andrew Hawryluk, 23, managed to keep his six pack despite eating Chipotle for every day.

Andrew Hawryluk, 23, has eaten fast food every day for nearly six months and still manages to keep his washboard abs.

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The animator from Los Angeles cooked up the idea to eat at his favorite restaurant, Chipotle, every day.

“I decided it would be funny to do that,” he said.

Hawryluk is now on day 160 and saves all of his Chipotle receipts to prove he never misses a day.

“When I was in line today, a girl said, ‘Are you the Chipotle guy?’ I was pretty shocked.”

He always orders the same dish -- the chicken bowl with lettuce, white rice, and guacamole. It has 605 calories and it's clearly is paying off.

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Business Insider reports that Chipotle has unseated Subway as America’s healthy fast food of choice.

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