Man Slashes Muslim Cabbie

A 21-year-old film student allegedly attacked a Muslim cab driver in New York, leaving deep cuts in the driver's neck and arm. INSIDE EDITION reports on the shocking story.  

This baby-faced bigot is accused of slashing a Muslim cab driver in New York City, heightening tensions already raw over plans for that mosque near ground zero.

The cabbie has deep cuts in his his neck and arm, and the New York Post had a front-page story, calling the alleged hate-inspired attack "A Disgrace."

The victim, cabbie Ahmed Sharif, met with Mayor Bloomberg Thursday in an effort to ease tension in the city.

Mayor Bloomber said, "Whether is it related to anything or not, it is disgraceful. Everybody should feel safe on the streets."

Police say 21-year-old film student Michael Enwright had drunk a bottle of scotch before he hailed the cab in Manhattan.

He allegedly screamed insults, then launched the bloody attack.

Enwright recently returned from Afghanistan, where he shot a documentary about marines in combat. He was embedded with a unit which lost several men.

He posted an image of himself with a Muslim child on his Facebook page.

Enwright pled not guilty to attempted murder. His father refused to talk to reporters as he rushed to the arraignment.

The attack is being linked to the bitter battle over plans to build a mosque just two blocks from ground zero.

Angry Muslim neighbors gathered outside the victim's home, but the cabbie says he has no bitterness over the attack.