Is This 3-Month-Old Baby Really Talking?! Watch Him Tell Dad: 'I Love You!'

An almost unbelievable video has gone viral showing the moment a three-month-old tot, Ben Moskalenko, utters his first words.

Is this three-month-old baby really saying, "I love you"?

In a YouTube video posted by user Ted Moskalenko, his son Ben mimicked him, saying what sounds like "I love you." The video by Moskalenko, who lives in North Carolina, is triggering a national debate: did he, or didn't he?

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"It was an utter shock to me because it was really, I guess his first words," his dad told INSIDE EDITION. "Seeing him mimic me was just unbelievable."

Speech patholgist Stacey Miller added: "Typically, we don't see speech and verbal speech until around 18 months. This could have just been an imitation. It could have just been he heard it a lot."

Proud parents Ted and Michelle are convinced little Ben is talking.

"He paused, and looked at me and repeated the words," Ted said. "He doesn't know what they mean yet, it's not like he can talk, but the fact that he was able to reproduce [the sounds] was impressive."

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INSIDE EDITION tried to get Ben to repeat it for viewers, but it was a no go.

It's not just proud parents of babies who are boasting their talking tots. The owners of Mishka the husky think he talks, too. In one video, it sounds as if the dog is also saying, “I love you.”

Check out the baby video and decide for yourself!

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