NFL Legend Joe Namath Joins Search for Teens Missing At Sea: 'We Just Keep on Praying'

Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos are missing off the coast of Florida after going fishing alone on Friday.

As fears grow for two young boys missing at sea, legendary football quarterback Joe Namath has joined the search.

"We just keep on praying, man," said the NFL legend, a neighbor of the missing boys. "It's hard, it's so hard, but we've got to believe in their wherewithal." Namath is a neighbor of the teens. 

Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen, both 14 years old, have been missing since Friday, when they headed out on a fishing trip on their own.

On Monday, the Coast Guard released video of their capsized boat. Now their distraught parents are praying for a miracle.

Pamela Cohen, Perry's mother, told INSIDE EDITION: "I am confident that they are out there and that they are okay. We just need to find them." 

Carly Black, Austin Stephanos' mother, told INSIDE EDITION: "We are going to find them." 

Namath has also offered a $100,000 reward to help find the boys. He said: "We want to help. These two youngsters I have known for 10 years. I have watched them grow up." 

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The best buddies set off in a 19 foot, single engine boat. They were last seen gassing up for the excursion. The Coast Guard says their parents thought they would be fishing no further than 200 to 300-feet off the pier. The Coast Guard says the parents had no knowledge of widespread reports that the boys were headed to the Bahamas.

Perry Cohen's father told CNN: "We requested that when he was out in the water that he fished the river and the inter coastal and he can go as far as the rocks in the inland but not without us or an adult that had a larger boat into the ocean." 

The Coast Guard video of the boat that was found capsized near Daytona Beach -- some 160 miles from Jupiter, which is where the boys were last seen. One life jacket was found inside.

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The boys had a lot of experience on the water but experts caution that teenagers are no match for the ocean.

Mario Vittone a Maritime safety expert told INSIDE EDITION: "I think fully prepared comes after you are an adult with some experience and some maturity." 

Could the boys be alive somewhere?

Vittone said: "I am not one to give up hope on them yet either because the water is warm and if they have life jackets on and they are hanging on to something that floats, they can really surprise us and be out there for a long time." 

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