Mike Huckabee Refuses to Apologize For Likening Iran Nuclear Deal to Holocaust

GOP candidate Mike Huckabee won't apologize for the remarks he made about the Iran nuclear deal that he feels will take Israel to the 'door of the oven.'

Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee isn't backing down from controversial remarks he made comparing the nuclear arms deal with Iran to the Holocaust.

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On Sunday, he told Breitbart News: “This president's foreign policy is the most feckless in American history. It is so naive that he would trust the Iranians. By doing so, he will take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven."

And on Tuesday, Huckabee told Matt Lauer on the Today show that he won't apologize.

“The response from the Jewish people have been overwhelming positive," he told Lauer.

He also mentioned that he has gained support from Holocaust survivors and the children of Holocaust survivors.

Lauer then challenged the GOP candidate, saying: “If you are elected president, and you were the one negotiating with the Iranians in the future, would you go and stand in the Oval Office, address the American people and say: ‘My fellow Americans, I am rejecting the Iranian deal because it will march the Israelis to the door of the oven.’ Would you say that as President of the United States?”

“That is exactly what I would say,” Huckabee replied.

That remark brought a strong response from fellow Republicans and from President Obama traveling in Ethiopia.

“Attacks are outrageous and would be "ridiculous if it weren't so sad,” said President Obama.

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Jon Stewart managed to poke fun at Huckabee on Monday night’s Daily Show without even saying a word in a satirical skit:

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