Cops Release Footage of Sandra Bland Arriving in Jail to Dispel Rumors She Was Already Dead

The Waller County District Attorney's Office released hours of raw CCTV footage on Tuesday afternoon showing the 28-year-old woman walking in to the jail.

Authorities have released new footage of Sandra Bland after her arrest to dispel rumors that she was dead when she arrived at jail.

The Waller County District Attorney's Office released hours of raw CCTV footage on Tuesday afternoon showing the 28-year-old woman walking in to the jail following her arrest during a traffic stop on July 10.

It shows her removing her accessories and holding her hand to her head before she changes into an orange jumpsuit. She stands for a mug shot, makes a call and is also led into her cell, where she is seen sitting on the ground.

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Some clips were played at a news conference on Tuesday afternoon.

Waller County Judge Trey Duhon said: "The reason we are doing this is because of the misinformation that has been put out both through social media and the mainstream media that has led to the rumours that Sandra Bland was in some way deceased or harmed or not well when she was brought into the Waller County Jail."

Rumors had swirled online that Bland was already dead when she had her mug shot taken.

He added: "People who are out there going through a lot of trouble to fabricate photographs and fabricate videos... We are not going to stand idly by and let that happen."

Authorities say Bland hanged herself on July 13. Her family has disputed that she would have taken her life.

The footage comes after it emerged that Bland survived a car crash just months before she allegedly killed herself.

Now newly-surfaced footage, which was taken in April and posted to her Facebook page, shows her lucky escape after a motorcycle landed on her car following a crash in Chicago.

She explains in the video that she was on her way to the beach on Highway 290 when the crash happened.

"And this is what's in my car," she says to the camera. "You see that? That's a motorcycle."

She emerged from the crash unscathed and the motorcyclist also survived.

"The man that flew over my car is standing right here," she adds. "Y'all can't tell me God ain't good."

The footage was taken in the Chicago area before she moved to Texas to start a new life.

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Three months after the video was taken, she was pulled over for failing to signal and, after she refused to put out her cigarette, she was ordered from the car and arrested.

Days later, on July 13, she was found hanged in her cell at the Waller County Jail.

According to authorities, Bland took her life but her family has said she would not have killed herself.

The Texas Rangers and the FBI are both reviewing the case.

A toxicology report released on Monday shows she had 18 micrograms per liter of THC - one of the active components of marijuana - in her bloodstream when she was found dead. That's more than three times the legal limit for drivers in Colorado and Washington, where the recreational use of marijuana is allowed.

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