Whoops! Watch Wedding Guest Accidentally Drop Toddler in Bid to Catch Bouquet

A video shows the moment an over-eager guest accidentally dropped a toddler as she jumped to catch a bouquet during a wedding.

We all know that all-important moment at a wedding: the bouquet toss.

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And one guest was so determined to catch the flowers that she forgot she was holding a small child.

A video shows the moment the bride threw her bouquet in the direction of the guest, who reached out with both hands in the air to try and snatch the prize - leaving her child to fall from her arms.

The tot hit the floor but thankfully did not have any injuries.

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Even though the guest was so intent on catching the flowers, they were actually caught by someone behind her.

The video of the incident was posted to YouTube by 15-year-old Olivia and has now gone viral.

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