Dying Grandfather Gets Final Hospital Visit From His Favorite Pony

Staff at the hospital in Stavern, Larvik allowed Susan Holmen to bring in her 89-year-old grandfather's beloved horse, Bolla, to say goodbye to him.

An ailing grandfather had one very special hospital visitor: his favorite miniature Shetland pony.

Staff at a hospital in Stavern, Larvik allowed Susan Holmen to bring in her 89-year-old grandfather's beloved pony, Bolla, to say goodbye to him before he passed away.

She snapped photos of the reunion - and captured the big grin on her grandfather's face.

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On Facebook, Holmen explained that the meeting had been "intended as a plaster on the wound" because her grandfather, Karl, has missed the pony so much.

"Small pleasures in everyday life are important," she wrote.


She added that the pony was behaving so well that they took her to meet others in the hospital.

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On Monday, Holmen announced that her grandfather had passed away following his long illness.


Igår 27/7-15 sovnet farfar stille inn etter lang tids sykdom ?Det er fryktelig trist og vondt, men samtidig er jeg...

Posted by Susan Holmen on Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Holmen paid tribute to her grandfather on her Facebook page, explaining that he was the one who got her into horses as a young child and thanking readers for their kind words.

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