See DUI Arrest of Chattanooga Gunman Months Before His Killing Spree

Dash cam video has been released of Chattanooga shooter Muhammad Abdulazeez during a DUI arrest months before his killing spree.

Dash cam video of Chattanooga gunman Muhammad Abdulazeez during a DUI bust has been released.

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The 24-year-old, who killed five U.S. servicemen in Chattanooga, Tennessee two weeks ago, was stopped after officers noticed he was driving erratically in April.

In the video, he is given a sobriety test. He is asked to walk in a straight line and to recite the alphabet, which he does.

Cops also ask him about white powder on or near his nose. He claims it is from snorting caffeine pills.

“Caffeine pills up your nose, man?" the officer responds. "C’mon, that can’t be good for you.”

The officer also notes the smell of marijuana. Abdulazeez responds that he has smoked weed, just not that night but was around others who did.

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Police carry out a complete search of his pockets and ask: "You don't have any weapons on you?”

He replies: “No sir"

In the video, he refuses to take a blood test, saying: "I don't think I should be taken in right now."

Abdulazeez was arrested and placed in the back of the cop car. Three months later, he would kill the servicemen. He was shot dead by police following the attack on two military stations.

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