Lawyer: Trump Called Me 'Disgusting' When I Asked for Break to Pump Breast Milk

Lawyer Elizabeth Beck said Donald Trump expressed disgust when she requested a break to pump her breast milk during a 2011 deposition.

Did Donald Trump really call a breastfeeding lawyer "disgusting?"

Elizabeth Beck says she was taking Trump’s deposition when she asked to take a break to pump breast milk for her daughter.

She told INSIDE EDITION's Steven Fabian: "There was a meltdown. I held this up, this little piece of plastic and I said, 'I need to take a break. The reason I need to take a break is because I need to breast pump.' His face turned red. He started shaking. He pointed at me, his finger started to shake, and he screamed, 'You're disgusting! You're disgusting!' And he just bolted out there." 

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Trump’s spokesman doesn't deny he used the word but he says it had nothing to do with breastfeeding. They say he was upset at what he perceived to be a stalling tactic. Beck told Fabian: "That makes no sense."

In the deposition Trump also questions the lawyer's skills. Beck told Fabian: "He said, 'Do you even know what you are doing?'"

Beck filed the lawsuit against Trump in 2011 over a failed real estate deal in Florida.

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Beck says she is a Democrat and denies that she is trying to hurt Trump for political purposes. She said: "He is running for president. That affects your life. That affects my life. That affects everyone. So now, his character, his strength of character, what some people may consider his  lack of character, his erratic behavior, has now become all of our business." 

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