The Foul Ball Girl's Relationship Sours

INSIDE EDITION catches up with the girl who was hit by a foul baseball and she is crying foul again after her ex-boyfriend posted nasty statements about her on Facebook.  

She shot to fame as the girl who got hit by a foul ball at a Major League Baseball game, because her boyfriend moved out of the way!

Sara Saco-Vertiz and her boyfriend were lovey-dovey as they told INSIDE EDITION about what happened at that ballgame in Houston earlier this month.

The boyfriend, Bo Wyble, said he was sorry he hadn't caught the speeding ball that hit Sara's arm.

"I like her a lot, she means a lot to me," Bo told INSIDE EDITION.

When asked how the event had affected their relationship, Sara replied, "I think we've gotten more of a laugh out of it than anything."

But nobody's laughing now.

Sara's relationship with Bo has now soured. She says they've not only broken up, but that it's getting really nasty.

"He was really rude about everything," Sara told INSIDE EDITION.

Bo had some pretty rude things to say about Sara on his Facebook page.

INSIDE EDITION found this quote, "I cant believe Sara Saco-Vertiz she is a stupid slut...I have naked pictures and videos of her I'll be posting later so check back in a little while."

"He called me a slut pretty much, and it was very hurtful, and rude, and it's not true," said Sara.

She now finds herself at the center of a firestorm. Somebody posted some jaw-dropping photos of a scantily clad Sara on the internet for all the world to see.  

INSIDE EDITION verified that Bo apparently had nothing to do with posting the photos, and even Sara says so. But somebody sure did!

Sara said she was dressed in the skimpy getup to attend a concert with friends. How did they get on the internet?

"They were under my friends' albums on Facebook. It's not that big a deal," said Sara.

"So somebody stole them?" INSIDE EDITION's reporter asked.

"Yeah," confirmed Sara.

The girl who got hit by a foul ball is learning that love is a lot like baseball. Sometimes you strike out.  

Sara has these final words for her ex: "I wish him well, and beware to his future girlfriend!"