Ben Affleck Denies Affair With Nanny, Sources Say She is 'In Love' With Him

Ben Affleck is denying reports that he had an affair with the family nanny.

Has Ben Affleck been dating the family nanny?

People magazine says multiple sources confirm that Christine Ousounian told friends she was having an affair with Affleck, who announced his divorce from wife Jennifer Garner last month.

One person is quoted as saying: “Christine is in love with him.”

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Affleck’s rep flat out denies the claims in US magazine, saying: "All allegations of a romantic relationship are baseless and untrue."

People magazine states sources close to the nanny say she and Affleck supposedly began the affair last spring. The duo would sometimes meet up at the Hotel Bel-Air, the sources reportedly said. 

Friends of the nanny told People magazine she even showed them photos of herself kissing Affleck and sitting on his lap. The report says she told friends she was in a relationship with the actor.

The nanny reportedly accompanied him and his children on a trip to the Bahamas just last month. But once Jennifer Garner arrived, Affleck and the nanny left together for Las Vegas. That's reportedly when Garner found out about the affair and was livid. She reportedly dismissed the nanny.

On Thursday, the nanny was asked by photographers: "Is it true Jennifer fired you?"

"I have no comment, I'm sorry," she replied. 

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An Affleck source told People: “There was no affair during or after [their marriage]. Ben and Jen have been separated for months."

The nanny worked for a high-end Beverly Hills agency. She's also reportedly worked for actor Neil Patrick Harris.

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