1,000 Rockers Perform 'Learn To Fly' To Get Foo Fighters to Play in Their Town

1,000 Italian Foo Fighters fans made a passionate plea to try and get the band to play their town by covering one of their songs.

Last year, an Italian musician launched a campaign to get 1,000 Foo Fighters fans to simultaneously play the band’s 1999 hit, “Learn to Fly," to encourage them to play in his town.

Now, after more than a year of planning, his dream has become a reality.

Fabio Zaffagnini launched the campaign, Rockin’ 1000”, in the hope that the band would see it and play in his region of Italy, Romagna, which is in the northern part of the country.

According to Zaffagnini’s website, the last time Foo Fighters played in Romagna was in 1997.

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Last weekend, 1,000 musicians gathered in Cesena in Romagna and performed “Learn to Fly.”

The musicians, who had traveled from all over Italy at their own expense, included singers, drummers, guitarists, and bassists.

After the massive jam, Zaffagnini  - who bears a resemblance to Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins - addressed those who had made his dream a reality.

“I guess that this video is going to be viewed by a huge amount of people all over the world," he said. "But to be honest, it is being conceived to be addressed just to five people – Chris, Pat, Nate, Taylor, and Dave Grohl – the Foo Fighters.”

He continued: “Italy is a country where dreams cannot easily come true but it is a land of passion and creativity. So, what we did here is just a huge, huge miracle."

Zaffagnini said he now hoped the second part of his dream would come true.

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“Our call is for you, the Foo Fighters, to come and play for us. To come and play here and give a concert to all of us in Cesena,” he said.

Foo Fighters are currently on tour in North America even though Grohl suffered a broken leg when he fell off stage in Sweden last month.

Here's hoping that once their current tour is over, Grohl and the band can make this fan’s dream come true.

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