Police Officer Who Pulled Motorcycle Stunt Admits It Was Inappropriate

The police officer who was captured on cell phone video performing stunts on his motorcycle says he takes full responsibility for his actions. INSIDE EDITION reports.

"I take full responsibility for what I did," says Officer Tracey Cantrell.

The motorcycle cop who was seen pulling a daredevil stunt on a public highway admits his actions.

"It was not appropriate for that time."

INSIDE EDITION reported about Officer Cantrell's stunt, which was videotaped on a road outside Indianapolis. He appeared to be standing on his police department bike with his arms outstretched.

A driver who shot cell phone video of the incident also called 911.

Caller: "He's weaving back and forth and pulling tricks, and actually stood up on the seat of his motorcycle...It's crazy."

Says Cantrell, "I did not put anybody in danger at that point in time. However, it is wrong in the eyes of people."

Officer Cantrell, described as a model cop, says he won't fight whatever punishment he receives. "Whatever the department issues out, that's the discipline I will take and move forward," he says.