Crisis Manager Turns Down Dentist's Plea for Help As Zimbabwe Seeks His Extradition

Dr. Palmer is nowhere to be found and reportedly had a crisis management expert turn him down as a client while Zimbabwe seeks his extradition.

Where is the world's most hated dentist? That's the big question as Zimbabwe authorities seek his extradition and U.S. officials call for Dr. Walter Palmer to turn himself in.

The U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service sent out this tweet:

As protesters gather outside his office, Dr. Palmer has reached out to a crisis management specialist, Eric Schiffer, with an urgent call for advice. But Schiffer says he turned him down.

According to CBS News, Schiffer said: “He did the unthinkable. He killed an icon that so many around the world looked to... for no good reason, for no reason at all.”

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According to The New York Times, another crisis management expert, Jon Austin, was contacted to send Dr. Palmer’s initial apology. On Wednesday, Austin removed himself from helping the embattled dentist after his own Yelp page was flooded with angry comments. 

People continue to protest outside Dr. Palmer's office in Minnesota. The wealthy dentist also hasn't showed up at his luxurious vacation home on Marco Island in Florida.

And the outrage over the death of Cecil the lion is even reaching the White House.

A petition calling for Dr. Palmer to be extradited to Zimbabwe has reached over 150,000 signatures, meaning the White House must provide an official response.

On Thursday, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest confirmed the petition has “reached the threshold” that would require a response but did not suggest when the request would be answered. He added that requests such as prosecution and extradition are handled by the Department of Justice.

On Friday, the Zimbabwe government announced that they would seek the extradition of Dr. Palmer.

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One of Dr. Palmer’s two guides, Theo Bronkhorst, has already been charged with illegally hunting Cecil. According to the guide after slaughtering Cecil and cutting off his head as a trophy. Palmer wanted more blood.

Bronkhorst told The Daily Telegraph: “The client asked if we would find him an elephant larger than 63 pounds (the weight of one tusk) which is a very large elephant, but I told him I would not be able to find one so big, so the client left the next day and went to Bulawayo for the night and then flew out midday the following day."

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