DNA Test Conflicts Mistress's Claims Tiger Woods Fathered a Child

INSIDE EDITION talks to the woman who stands by her claim that Tiger Woods is the father of her son, despite DNA tests proving otherwise.

She claims her little boy is Tiger Woods's love child. But there's a stack of evidence, including a DNA test, to prove she's lying. Her real name is Belinda Jennetti, but she's known in the adult entertainment industry as Devon James.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked,  "Wasn't this all just an elaborate scheme to get money from Tiger Woods?"

"I know that's what people want to think, but no," said Jennetti.

Boyd asked, "You weren't just seeking your 15 minutes of fame?"

"Absolutely not. I would like to say I was just seeking some kind of justice for once," replied Jennetti.

She says she first met Tiger 10 years ago, and he invited her to a Florida hotel room.

"To be honest with you, it was pretty much just having sex. There was no wanting to get to know me," said Jennetti.

Jennetti says six weeks later, she realized she was pregnant.

"Oh god, I didn't know what to do," said Jennetti.

Boyd said, "People want to know, why didn't you contact Tiger Woods and say, 'I'm pregant with your kid.' "
Jennetti replied, "When you've been hurt, calling someone like that is going to do what? Hurt me more?"

Six years after that one-night stand, they met again. Jennetti claims they had an on-and-off relationship for the next two-and-a-half years.

Boyd asked, "How exactly did you tell Tiger that he was the father of your son?"

Jennettie replied, "I came right out and said it one night. He semi half-apologized but said 'I can't really deal with this right now.' "

When Boyd visited Jennetti's apartment in Sarasota, Florida, she showed him things that she said Tiger had given her for her son, Austin, who's now 9-years-old.

Boyd asked, "He wanted Austin to have this golf club?"

"And he gave me this teddy bear that he said he had when he was a baby," said Jennetti.

But then there's the DNA test that shows with over 99 percent certainty that Austin's father isn't Tiger Woods, but an ex-con named Pele Watkins.

"These are the results of a paternity test from 2002 that show that with almost 100 percent certainty Tiger Woods is not the father," said Boyd.

"I can't explain this, honestly," said Jennetti.

Boyd asked, "Pele Watkins, you did sleep with him?"

"Yes," replied Jennetti.

Boyd asked, "Around the time you were pregant?"

Jenneitti said,  "I was four months pregnant."

Boyd asked, "It's been almost ten years. Possible that timing is mixed up?"

"No," replied Jennetti.

Jennetti has a long rap sheet, most recently an arrest in December for prostitution. She no longer has parental rights over Austin, who lives with his grandparents. INSIDE EDITION spoke to his grandmother last month.

"There's no way Austin is Tiger's son. I wish I could tell Tiger that," said her grandmother.

In an e-mail today to INSIDE EDITION, Jennetti's own former manager calls her a "con artist." and just last week Jennetti's paternity lawsuit against Tiger Woods was dismissed when she failed to show up.

Boyd said, "Here's what it looks like. All these women start coming forward, and you start saying to yourself, 'my kid looks like Tiger. I can make a lot of money.' That's what really happened, isn't it?"

"No, that's not at all what happened actually. I wish I had hard evidence I could give you. I think it's his right to know who his dad is," said Jennetti.