Mom Throws Amazing Themed 2nd Birthday Party for Son Obsessed with Personal Injury Lawyer

One child's second birthday theme was all about his idol - a personal injury lawyer.

While most two-year-olds' idols are cartoon or comic book characters, for little Grayson, it's a local personal injury lawyer.

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The toddler, from Prairieville, Louisiana, loves to watch commercials featuring local attorney Morris Bart.

He loves them so much that his mom L'erin decided to throw her son a Morris Bart-themed birthday party complete with a Morris Bart cake and T-shirts.

She tells INSIDE EDITION that she reached out to the New Orleans attorney’s office and even though he couldn't make an appearance, he sent along some goodies like a cardboard cutout of himself and a signed photo.

The law office also extended an invitation to the family to visit his office. Grayson's mom says that they are starting to potty train him so it will be great motivation for him to meet his idol.

Grayson was overjoyed with his themed party, she said.

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L'erin explained that his fascination with the lawyer started when he was just a baby. 

She told INSIDE EDITION: "When he sees them [the commercials] to this day, he now tries to say along with the commercial ' one call that's all.' Or '' He just says these things at random times. It's hilarious."

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