See This Puppy's Incredible Transformation After Being Saved From Kill Shelter

Kristy the dog was scheduled to be euthanize d but then a miracle happen and was saved from a kill shelter.

This mange-ridden pup has been given a second chance thanks to some love from an animal rescue in Texas.

Kristy the dog was scheduled to be euthanized at a kill shelter but Dr Karri from Vet Ranch Rescue thought she could be saved.

Dr.Karri tells INSIDE EDITION that the dog, a Great Dane-lab mix, appeared to have accepted her fate and given up hope. 

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In video footage, she looks withdrawn. She also had mange with a severe skin infection and was loaded with intestinal parasites and fleas.

But after many baths and medication treatments she began to improve.

Dr Karri said: “There is a point where you can tell these animals have accepted their fate and given up hope. She was there. Scared and depressed. It only took a few days of attention for her to realize we were there to help and she turned into a puppy again!"

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Just three weeks after she was rescued, her personality completely changed.

Dr Karri added: "She never knew she was ugly! She is incredibly smart and loves to learn new tricks!”

Eight weeks later she was enjoying the outdoors.

Kristy is available for adoption through Chick With Pits organization and for more information on Vet Ranch Rescue click here.

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