Fireworks in Court as Nuns Battle Katy Perry's Bid To Buy Their Convent For $14.5 Million: 'Go Somewhere Else'

A group of nuns are trying to stop the pop singer from buying their convent. A judge ruled their own deal to sell it to a businesswoman was "invalid."

It's a showdown in court as Katy Perry battles two nuns.

The pop singer wants to buy a Catholic convent in Los Angeles. It’s a gorgeous villa sitting on eight acres and featuring sweeping views.

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But Sisters Rita Callanan and Catherine Rose say they don't want to sell to Katy.

Rita said: “It's important for us to sell our own property to the person we wish to sell to.”

The nuns say Katy tried to win them over when she toured the property, even singing "Oh Happy Day" from the movie Sister Act. They weren't impressed.

Rita said: “Since then, I’m going to tell you there have not been happy days.”

The nuns question whether the singer is an appropriate fit for the former place of worship.

Rita said: “Our culture is going into the occult.”

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Instead of selling to Katy, they made a deal with real estate developer Dana Hollister who wants to turn the property into a hotel.

But the Los Angeles Archdiocese wants it sold to Katy who'll pay cash -- $14.5 million.

In court on Thursday, the developer and the nuns suffered a blow when the judge ruled their deal was invalid opening the door for Katy to get the property.

Randy Snyder, the attorney for Dana Hollister said: “We disagree with the judge’s position on that.”

But the defiant nuns have a message for the superstar: “Go somewhere else. Please, please Katy, do not take our property.”

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