Watch Man Roll Beneath Moving Freight Train in Terrifying Stunt

A video shows the terrifying moment a man in Houston crosses a set of tracks by rolling beneath a moving train.

In an unbelievable video, a man in Texas rolled beneath a moving freight train car that barreled over him at 40 miles an hour.

The unidentified man rolled back just in time - before crouching and doing it again.

The reckless stunt was recorded by a driver who stopped at a railroad crossing in Houston.

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The daredevil angrily walked over to the driver, but the confrontation didn't stop him from doing it again. The next time, he narrowly escaped being crushed under the train.

Union Pacific Railroad spokesman Jeffrey DeGraff said the culprit will be criminally charged -- if he's ever caught.

“It was very difficult to watch that video. This individual was taking his life into his hands. There is no good that can come of it. He was inches away from losing limbs, or even his life," he said.

"To jump in and out between the train cars is very dangerous," he added.

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More than 500 people are killed each year in railroad incidents.

Fitness expert Greg Plitt liked to work out on the tracks. He was accidentally struck and killed by a commuter train in California. And a teenage prankster leaped 10 feet across the subway tracks in New York City and almost didn’t make it.  

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