40 Years On, Victims Recall Being Buried Alive in Van as Children in Chowchilla

James Schoenfeld buried alive 26 children and their school bus driver in a van in 1976.

Climbing aboard one particular school bus is an act of courage for one group of women.

Because it is the bus they were riding on 39 years ago when they were kidnapped at gunpoint and buried alive.

One victim, Rebecca, wept as she said: "It's just pain to be on the bus again and to relive it."

INSIDE EDITION reunited the women; all were victims of the infamous Chowchilla kidnapping.

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Twenty-six children and their bus driver were kidnapped in the biggest mass abduction in U.S. history. INSIDE EDITION found the bus in a storage facility in Chowchilla. It was the first time the women have seen the bus since that terrifying day.