Coast Guard Calls Off Search For Teens Who Went Missing On Fishing Trip

The Coast Guard is calling off their search for the two teens that went missing at sea a week ago.

The Coast Guard will suspend its search at sunset for two teens who went missing a week ago while on a fishing trip, officials said on Friday.

Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos, both 14, have been described as experienced sailors but failed to return home from a boat trip off the coast of Jupiter, Florida.

The Coast Guard released video of the boat that was found capsized near Daytona Beach - some 160 miles from Jupiter - on Sunday.

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One life jacket was found inside the vessel but others were gone, raising the possibility that the boys could still be alive.

On Friday, Coast Guard Captain Mark Fedor said the search will be suspended and expressed his “heartfelt condolences” to the families. He called the case "excruciating and gut wrenching."

He added: “We were desperate to find Austin and Perry.”

The families of the boys released a statement thanking the Coast Guard and said a private search will continue past Friday.

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Football legend Joe Namath, a friend of the families, was on the beach in Jupiter, Florida, earlier this week to help with the search.

Namath said: "It is a lot of water out there, folks. It is enough to survive for weeks, for months, you know, we keep on looking until we get an answer."

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