Bob Barker Speaks Out on the Lion Hunters: 'I Think They Have Some Sort of Personality Defect'

Legendary TV host and long-time animal activist Bob Barker speaks to INSIDE EDITION about the two American doctors wanted for killing lions in Zimbabwe.

Legendary gameshow host Bob Barker says the two Americans who hunted lions in Zimbabwe must "have some sort of personality defect."

The 91-year-old animal activist told INSIDE EDITION that he supports a bounty on the head of Dr. Walter Palmer, who remains in hiding after the death of Cecil the lion.

"I must say I have no sympathy for him. I think he has well-earned all of the misery he brought on himself," Barker said.

It has also emerged that Dr. Jan Seski, a 68-year-old is a cancer gynecologist from Pittsburgh, killed a lion with a bow and arrow in Zimbabwe in April.

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Barker said: "Personally, I think they have some sort of personality defect. They don’t think the same way we do."

Barker is a famed animal activist who donated a climate-controlled bio-dome for lions outside Denver.

He continued: "I think that they will never be brought up on murder charges or be hung or something like that, no Capital Punishment, I am sure. I can see them possibly spending a little time in jail."

Photos of Dr. Seski posing with big game have been shared over the internet.

The gate outside Seski's estate, near Pittsburgh, is locked and he's gone into hiding, just like the dentist.

Barker said: "We have all heard of trophy hunting and we have all been disgusted with it but this brings it really home."

But another hunter, Sabrina Corgatelli, has come to the defense of the dentist and doctor by posting this Facebook message: “To all the haters: stay tuned, you're gonna have much more to be pissed about.”

Corgatelli, an accountant at Idaho State University, is on a legal big game hunt in South Africa.

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Angry online commentators responded: "You are the definition of disgusting," and "you have no soul."

Corgatelli and her boyfriend responded on the Today show where she said: “Everybody thinks we're cold-blooded killers and it's not that. Just because we hunt them doesn't mean we don't have a respect for them.”

Barker said: "Very sad explanation for them. They are cold blooded killers, that is what they really are." 

Cecil the lion was given a moving tribute in New York City over the weekend with his image lighting up the side of the Empire State Building. 

And a photo was just released of Cecil’s brother, Jericho, that shows he's alive and well after the false report that he was also killed by hunters.

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