See Bride Paralyzed At Bachelorette Party Pose With Catheter: 'Women With Disabilities Can Be Sexy'

Rachel Chapman spoke to INSIDE EDITION about why she wanted to pose in a steamy photo shoot, and about motherhood.

A woman who was left paralyzed after an accident at her bachelorette party is showing the world that while she may not be able to walk, she's still sexy.

Rachel Chapman became paralyzed from the chest down five years ago after a girlfriend playfully pushed her into a swimming pool and her head struck the bottom.

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Despite the accident, her wedding went ahead. She also had a baby girl, thanks to a surrogate.

Now she has posed in lingerie for a sexy photo shoot.

“I wanted to show that people with disabilities can be just as sexy. We can be intimate. We can be good partners,” she told INSIDE EDITION.

Chapman and her husband shopped at Victoria's Secret for the lingerie.

In the photos, she also wears something that has become a basic part of her life: a catheter.

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She was nervous showing the catheter, but said: “It's a part of me." 

And there are not complaints from her husband, Chris. “That's my beautiful wife. I consider myself a lucky man,” he told INSIDE EDITION.

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