Stores Say 'Cosmopolitan' Is 'Too Sexy,' Cover Magazines so Kids Can't See Them

Rite Aid and Food Lion are using blinders to cover the front page of the magazine, deeming its headlines too sexual for children to see.

Two major national retailers, Rite Aid and Food Lion, are censoring Cosmo with so-called blinders so that young people can't see them.

The magazine is known for its provocative headlines that scream out from the cover.

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But at the stores, these will no longer be seen. Blinder covers will hide the text and not the cover photo.

Rite Aid and Food Lion are both saying the magazines won't be shown in the racks without being covered up.

The magazine also finds itself under attack in a campaign called “Cosmo Harmful To Minors.”

The shocking twist in the campaign is that one of its leaders is Victoria Hearst -- the granddaughter of the legendary tycoon William Randolph Hearst, who founded the company that publishes Cosmo.

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She said at a recent news conference: "If I was the queen of Hearst Corporation, this magazine would no longer exist. The editor and staff would be on unemployment."

In the news conference, Victoria blasted the covers.

She said: "Just in case you didn't know they were a sex magaine,they actually put it on the cover for you sex, sex, sex, it's like okay we get it. Here's Hilary Duff on the cover of this one it has 63 secrets to better orgasm."

In a statement Cosmo says that it’s “proud of all that the brand has achieved for women around the world."

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