Donald Trump Takes a Commanding Lead in Polls Ahead of GOP Debate

Billionaire presidential hopeful Donald Trump is favored among nearly a quarter of respondents in the latest poll by the New York Times.

Donald Trump's lead in the Republican race is now more commanding than ever.

The billionaire is now favored by 21.8% of Republican voters. Jeb Bush is way behind at 13.2%, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is third with 11.6%. (Source: New York Times)

While 11 Republican presidential candidates trooped onstage at Monday night's GOP forum in New Hampshire -- three others appeared on video hookup from Washington, D.C.

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Trump was noticeably absent saying it wasn't worth his time.

Expect everything to change dramatically when Trump takes center stage at Thursday’s Fox News debate in Cleveland. 

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Republican pollster Frank Luntz about how the unscripted Trump may shake up everything.

He said: “This is going to be the most watched primary debate ever because of Donald Trump. He doesn't prepare, he doesn't plan. He's just in the moment which makes it fascinating, makes it intriguing. It's like watching a car wreck that you know is going to happen.”

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Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Gramholm, a Democrat, told INSIDE EDITION’s Steven Fabian that Trump's rivals better be cautious about attacking him.

"He is a showman. He knows how to show. You have got to prepare. He is thinking through all of retorts, his responses, you have to," she said. 

He is even the center of attention, even when he is not around. On The View on Tuesday, guest cohost Kelly Osbourne said: "If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilets, Donald Trump?"

There was an awkward silence and Rosie Perez, said: "Oh no!"  

There is now a clip of Trump in 1988 that's tearing up the internet. He was on Oprah and she asks if he might consider running for president. At the time, Republican Ronald Reagan was president.

“I would never want to rule it out totally. I just probably wouldn't do it, Oprah. But I do get tired of seeing what's happening with this country,” he said.

Doesn’t that sound familiar?

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