Ben Affleck's Rumored Nanny Mistress Hands Him Bottle of Champagne After Divorce

Ben Affleck's rumored mistress Christine Ouzounian was caught giving the actor a bottle of bubbly after he announced his divorce from Jennifer Garner.

The nanny reportedly at the center of the Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner breakup has been photographed handing Affleck what appears to be a bottle of Champagne.

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Was it to offer Affleck congratulations for announcing he was divorcing Garner? In the photo, she's also looking in the direction of the camera.

According to an Us Weekly magazine report, nanny Christine Ousounian tipped off photographers that she was heading to Affleck's house with the Champagne.

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The photo was taken July 17. The nanny was fired on July 1, the day after news of the divorce came out. Affleck denies the affair.

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