Hiker Describes Standoff With Mountain Lion: 'She Licked Her Lips'

Trevor Rasmussen came across the mountain lion while hiking in Glacier National Park in Montana and captured their standoff on camera.

A hiker had a frightening encounter in Glacier National Park in Montana when he was faced with a mountain lion.

"I'm walking up the trail the trail. There's a mountain lion right there. He’s like 40 feet away from me,” he said in a video he shot of the encounter.

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Trevor Rasmussen, a 31-year-old hiker, not only kept his cool, he did everything right during the encounter. Experts say you should maintain eye contact when encountering a big cat. Stand tall and look big, speak firmly, and most importantly, do not run.

Rasmussen told INSIDE EDITION, “Once she started coming towards me, that’s when I started yelling because you’re supposed to make a lot of noise, wave your hands, that’s what they tell you to do.”

In the video, he’s heard saying, "Hey, hey, back up!"

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He told INSIDE EDITION, “She just checked me out, licked her lips. That wasn't fun to see.

“She never ran away. She just very slowly walked away….She kind of just looked at me,” he said.

The lion then went on its way, and Rasmussen walked away unscathed.

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