Student Who Killed Boyfriend After Date With Miss Ohio: I Was a Victim of Domestic Violence

Shayna Hubers, who shot dead her lawyer boyfriend in 2012, is facing 40 years behind bars, but is fighting for a lighter punishment.

A stunning former Miss USA contestant is at the center of a murder love triangle.

Miss Ohio 2012 Audrey Bolte had a date with a handsome lawyer -- but the day they were going to get together, he was shot dead by his jealous girlfriend.

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Now convicted killer Shayna Hubers is facing a 40-year-prison sentence, but arguing for a much lighter sentence that would make her eligible for parole after just five years.

She claims she was in an abusive relationship. “I cooked. I cleaned. I made the beds,” she said in court. 

There were fireworks in court as prosecutors accused Hubers of sleeping with 10 other men during her tempestuous, on-again, off-again relationship with her lawyer boyfriend, Ryan Poston.

“You slept with ten different men during 2012,” said an attorney. 

“In answer to your question, sure, I may have slept with 10 guys in 2012, but I don't see how that's relevant to any of this s***,” said Hubers.

Her foul language really upset the judge. “Keep a civil tongue in your head, number one, and just answer the questions,” said the judge.

HLN’s Nancy Grace chimed in on the case, saying, “I saw her antics and know he is not a domestic violence victim. He is the victim. This is completely backwards!”

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Grace has been following the case and said it was jealousy over Miss Ohio - not domestic violence - that drove Hubers to kill.

“It was pure spite over somebody who was more attractive and more accomplished than her getting a date with Poston," she said. “So she shot him dead? No judge in his right mind is going to buy this,” she said.

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