Is Donald Trump Nervous Ahead of the Republican Debate?

Ahead of Thursday's Fox News debate, Donald Trump may be showing signs of nervousness.

Is Donald Trump afraid of Megyn Kelly?

That's the claim a New York magazine article makes, reporting that the GOP frontrunner asked his good friend Rudy Giuliani to reach out to Fox News to ensure Kelly isn't too hard on him tomorrow night as one of the debate's moderators.

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But Giuliani told The Daily News the report is "categorically, absolutely, one million percent false." He added, "he's never asked me to make a call...and I haven't."

The New York magazine report says the Trump campaign feels Kelly doesn't like him after this on-air exchange in May, when she questioned his qualifications.

Back then, she said: “You haven't been a military leader; you haven't governed a state or been a lawmaker.”

He said: “Okay, all over the world I do business, I make great deals, I make hundreds of millions of dollars against China. All over the world I make money and I build great things.”

She then asked: “You have to be a little (whistles to imply crazy) to run, don't you?”

“No, I don't think so. I want to make the country great again,” he answered.

Trump appeared on The O'Reilly Factor last night and hinted that he might be a bit nervous about the debate.

Bill O’Reilly asked: “Are you a little apprehensive?”

“I would think so. I mean, you don't know what's going to come at you,” Trump replied.

O'Reilly had this to say later in the show: “I have known him for decades. He is a little nervous because he has the most to lose of all of them.”

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Meanwhile Donald Trump's lead in the Republican race is now more commanding than ever.

Trump is now favored by 24% of Republican voters. Jeb Bush is way behind at 13%. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is third with 10%. (Source: CBS News)

As the frontrunner, Trump will take center stage at Thursday’s Fox News debate in Cleveland.

Republican pollster Frank Luntz expects trump to shake things up.

He told INSIDE EDITION: “This is going to be the most watched primary debate ever because of Donald Trump. He doesn't prepare, he doesn't plan. He's just in the moment which makes it fascinating, makes it intriguing; it's like watching a car wreck when you know it’s going to happen.”

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