Jennifer Garner Believes Ben Affleck's Rumored Nanny Affair Was Ultimate Betrayal, Source Says

Sources say that Jennifer Garner is grieving over Ben Affleck's rumored affair with Christine Ouzounian.

Jennifer Garner is said to be "grieving" over rumors of an affair her husband Ben Affleck had with their former nanny. 

Kate Hogan, senior features editor at People, told INSIDE EDITION: "Friends of the couple tell People that this is kind of the breaking point for Jennifer. These are the two people she trusted most with her children -- the nanny and her husband. This has just been the ultimate betrayal." 

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People magazine says Jennifer was enraged when she found out that her husband had left a family trip in the Bahamas with nanny Christine Ouzoumian and that the pair went straight to Las Vegas for a charity poker tournament.

Just days later, the star couple announced they were divorcing and the nanny was fired. 

Ouzoumain was asked by photographers: “Did Jennifer Garner fire you?”

“I have no comment,” she said.

The magazine reports that when she was first hired her was "very caring and loving toward the kids.”

When Garner left to make a movie in Canada, that is when reports say things heated up between the nanny and Affleck. 

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Hogan said: "Friends of Jennifer are saying this never where she expected this situation to go. Ben had admitted to not being fully committed to their marriage in the past but this was just a new wrinkle in their separation." 

Affleck has denied the affair.

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