Oops! Gordon Ramsay Tries to Show How Easy It Is to Cook English Breakfast, Sets Stove on Fire

The British chef accidentally set his meal ablaze during a cookoff with James Corden on 'The Late Late Show.'

Cooking with Gordon Ramsay can be Hellish – especially when his meal goes up in flames.

The celebrity chef appeared with his teenage daughter Tilly on The Late Late Show, where host James Corden challenged the Ramsays to a cook-off to make the best traditional British breakfast.

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The competition heated up when Ramsay dropped his bacon on a pan and accidently started a fire.

He was able to put out the flames before it got too crazy. The host looked visibly nervous while Ramsay’s daughter was laughing the whole time.

Ramsay, who is usually screaming at people on his TV shows, saw the tables turn as Corden screamed: “Get out of my kitchen!”

Even though the meal was burnt to a crisp, the chef served it anyway.

Corden joked: “You’re all clapping but that is not what a real chef would do. You are a joke at this!”

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Ramsay then confessed that this was not the first time he nearly set a kitchen on fire.

He said: “We had the extraction at Claridge’s go up in flames when the flames went a little too high and it ignited the canopy. We had to evacuate the whole hotel during the press launch for Ocean’s Twelve. I got such a bollocking!"

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