911 Call Reveals Chaotic Scene After Bat Boy Was Fatally Hit: 'Take a Breath, Buddy!'

Nine-year-old Kaiser Carlile died on Sunday after he was struck while retrieving a bat for his team. A 911 call reveals he was breathing after he was hit.

A 911 call reveals the chaotic scene after a nine-year-old bat boy was fatally struck across the head during a player’s practice swing.

Kaiser Carlile was hit before his team, the Liberal Bee Jays, played in Kansas on Saturday. He succumbed to his injuries on Sunday.

"We had a small child get hit in the head with a bat and he's incoherent but he is breathing," the caller tells the 911 dispatcher.

"He went down. Stood up. Started to walk back toward the dugout and collapsed."

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On the call, witnesses tell the youngster to keep fighting.

“Take a breath, buddy!” a voice says. “There you go buddy!”

The caller continues: “He's not awake yet but he's breathing. I can feel his heart beating fine. Looks like he's got the bruise here on the cheek.”

He tells the operator that the boy is breathing – “not very often though.”

Photographs taken after the incident show one player cradling the boy in his arms.

Home plate umpire Mark Goldfeder, who gave the youngster first aid until the ambulance arrived, spoke with INSIDE EDITION.

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“I told the player, put him down, put him down, get him on the ground,” he said. “He was not conscious. He was breathing. He wasn't breathing well, but he was what's calling protecting his own airway - in other words he was moving air in and out.”

But the youngster died in hospital the following day.

The players wore Kaiser’s initials on their jerseys and helmets during Tuesday night’s game.

His father was seen high-fiving the players, while Kaiser’s little sister Kiercy threw out the first pitch.

Her parents sat in the stands as she threw the ball as the Liberal Bee Jays played against the Seattle Studs.

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