Hidden in Plain View: Cops Searching Home Are Unaware That Their Suspect is Right Above Them

Police went to a home to answer a domestic violence call and the suspect was hiding on the roof the whole time.

When these police arrived to a domestic violence call, little did they know their suspect was right above their heads.

A bystander captured a photo that has now gone viral. In the picture, the man is apparently gripping onto the roof of the home as police stand outside the front door.

The officers were called to the home in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Friday July 31.

“They’ve been looking for him for 10 minutes,” said the caption of the photo.

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Grand Rapids Police Sgt. Terry Dixon told MLive that additional officers arrived as back up for the men inside - and the man could hide no longer.

“Officers outside noticed the man on the roof and radioed the information to police inside,” he said.

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The suspect, Edward Martin, was ordered off the roof and arrested. He was charged with resisting and obstructing arrest and is due in court on August 10.

As for the person who snapped the photo and posted it online, Sgt. Dixon said: “At this point, we are not looking at charges at that particular person.”

He did add that the man was cooperative in helping the officers.

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