Meet This Minnesota Town's Newest Mayor: A Three-Year-Old Boy

James Tufts - known as Jimmy - has been named mayor of Dorset, Minnesota.

Put your hands together for America's youngest mayor.

James Tufts - known as Jimmy - is just three years old. The tot took the title during last weekend's election in Dorset, Minnesota.

He won following an endorsement from the former mayor - his six-year-old brother, Bobby.

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When James won on Sunday, he was two days younger than Bobby when he was first appointed. Bobby went on to serve for two terms.

Last week, Bobby told WCCO he was endorsing his younger brother for the role because "my mom said I have to."

He added that because of his experience, he'd be able to show his brother how it's done.

But the role won't be too big for the petit politician: he presides over just 22 town residents, has no duties and does not get paid. Instead, the role is more ceremonial, WCCO reported.

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And Bobby has some advice. "To not talk poopy to people. To be nice."

To decide on the mayor, residents paid one dollar to cast a vote for their chosen candidate before names were drawn from a hat. The vote takes place each August.

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