'Subway Sinatra' Left $8,000 Life Insurance Check Stub Behind When He Vanished, Family Says

Gary Russo, who stunned the nation with his smooth singing voice, has been missing for more than a week.

A construction worker who took the nation by storm with his smooth singing voice has been reported missing.

Gary Russo became known as "The Subway Sinatra" for belting out songs during his lunchbreak while working as foreman on the Second Avenue subway construction project in 2011.

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But now fears are growing over his whereabouts. His sister-in-law, whom he lives with, said she last saw him at 1am on Tuesday, July 28.

She showed INSIDE EDITION producer Alison Hall his room -- clothes are tossed everywhere.

“It is not like him, he always checks in,” she told Hall.

We also found a check stub. It's a loan on his life insurance policy for $8,000.

“I have no idea what he was thinking. I hope he is alive,” she said.

His worried family has put up missing posters all over his neighborhood in Howard Beach, Queens.

Police used helicopters and mounted police to search for him -- but he has simply vanished. His locked truck was found parked next to this weed-filled lot that leads to a beach.

Friend Victoria Cerverizzo is making this plea to Gary to come home, saying: “Gary, please come home, everyone is worried sick.”

Cops made an exhaustive search after friends found his locked truck parked not far from his home.

Friends also found a receipt for an airline ticket costing $210 he bought a month ago -- but don't know what the destination is.

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They also say he was depressed over a breakup with his girlfriend.

His lifelong dream was to be a professional singer. INSIDE EDITION was there as he made his debut in front of a packed house at New York’s renowned Blue Note jazz club in 2011.

Now everyone is praying he'll come home -- and get back to crooning the songs he loved.

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