Watch Checkers Worker Spread Mayo on Dirty Burger Bun After Dropping It, Wiping It on Floor

In a disturbing video, a Checkers employee spreads mayo on a bun after dropping it on the floor. The restaurant says several employees have been fired.

Fast-food chain Checkers is getting some heat after a worker intentionally dropped a hamburger bun on the floor, wiped it around, then prepared it like business as usual. 

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The incident was recorded on a cellphone by her co-worker at a Checkers outside Baltimore.

After the employee wiped the bun on the floor, she spread mayonnaise on it. 

"Go drop me another bun," she said.

Shortly after the video surfaced, Checkers released a video with a spokeswoman saying all the workers involved have been fired, and that they talked to the ring leader.

“She confirms that she and her co-workers were playing around in the kitchen, and the product was never served to a guest,” read the statement.

A Checkers spokesperson added to INSIDE EDITION: "I, like you, am appalled and disappointed by what I saw in the video."

The burger in question may not have been sold, but the spatula used to spread mayo on the dirty bun appears to be placed back in the mayonnaise container. 

The company told INSIDE EDITION in a statement: "We have high standards for food safety in our restaurants and this definitely does not meet those standards."

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This certainly isn't the first time something stomach-turning has happened at a fast-food restaurant.

In one incident, a guy was seen bathing in a fast-food kitchen sink. In another, bikini-clad workers were taking a bath. In a video, a pizza worker put cheese up his nose. And another picture showed a man licking the taco shells. 

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