Humpback Whale Thanks Fishermen Who Rescued Her By Giving Them a Wave

Six Brazilian fishermen helped one whale who was tangled in a net. When the sea creature was free, she showed her gratitude.

This humpback whale showed her thanks by giving six fishermen a big wave after they rescued her.

The fishermen were on three boats in Sao Paolo, Brazil when they saw the whale tangled in a net around his body preventing it from swimming freely.

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The men found where the net was looped around the whale and cut her free.

Then the most remarkable thing happened: in videos posted on Facebook by Cicero Barbosa, the whale lingered around to thank the men.

It even appeared to wave for the fishermen.

One of the men, Cicero Barbosa, spoke to Brazilian news outlet Globo.

He said: “I think it's the third time I've seen a whale here, but the first time so close up.

"The coolest thing was we could help her. She had a net wrapped around her body and it seemed like she was asking for somebody to take it off."

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In one photo, the whale mimics the fisherman's thumbs up and, as they headed off, they got a final farewell from their new friend.

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