From Steve Carell to John Oliver: The Careers Jon Stewart Helped Launch

Stars including Steve Carell, Olivia Munn and new 'Daily Show' host Trevor Noah all have Stewart to thank for helping them start their careers.

Jon Stewart took over The Daily Show in 1999 from the program’s first host Craig Kilborn.

Aside from his game-changing political humor, Stewart will also be remembered for his keen eye for talent.

CNN’s senior media correspondent Brian Stelter told INSIDE EDITION: “If you think about Jon Stewart as a father, he's got all these children all over television. They're all on all of these different channels and they all owe a lot of their success to Jon Stewart.”

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Before Steve Carell became a household name on The Office, he was a correspondent on The Daily Show.

Carell’s Office co-star Ed Helms, currently starring in the new Vacation movie, also cut his teeth on The Daily Show.

Then there's Olivia Munn. Before appearing in Magic Mike opposite Channing Tatum, she appeared on - you guessed it - The Daily Show.

Comedian Larry Wilmore, who currently anchors The Nightly Show after The Daily Show airs, got his start as a correspondent for Stewart.

British comic John Oliver, who many felt would be Stewart’s replacement when he announced his retirement early this year, was a fan favorite with Daily Show viewers before hosting HBO’s Last Week Tonight.

And of course there's Stephen Colbert who will fill David Letterman's shoes at The Late Show in September.

Colbert’s time on The Daily Show playing a character that was a die-hard Republican became the first spin-off from the late night series. His show, The Colbert Report ran from 2005 to 2014.

Even new Daily Show host Trevor Noah, who begins his tenure next month, got his big break with Jon Stewart as a correspondent before he was tapped to be his replacement.

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In December, the South African comedian became the senior African correspondent for the show and gained rave reviews.

Now, nearly a year after his first appearance, he will be taking over from the man who changed the game in late night TV.

He too is one of the elite group of Daily Show correspondents who credit Jon Stewart with catapulting them to stardom.

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